We Are Allcon Roofing

Allcon Roofing was established with a vision of providing quality roof installation and repair services. But a sincere dedication to honesty and reliability is what sets Allcon Roofing apart. Here are a few of our distinctions:

Best Value

Allcon Roofing is more than family owned and operated—we are family focused. Throughout the renovation process, it is our goal to complete the project on time and within budget so that your life can return to normal and you can focus on what is truly important.

Within Budget

Whether you just need a local roofer, new fiber cement or vinyl siding, custom vinyl replacement windows, attic insulation, or are looking to replace your gutters, Allcon Roofing is here to help meet your needs at a price you can afford. We work directly with the insurance company and also offer financing options.

On Schedule

Working with us involves a series of carefully planned steps centered around a schedule and clear communication. We are able to work efficiently without sacrificing quality and our commitment to excellence.

Our Mission

Allcon Roofing is a home improvement contractor that values family and the simple joy of improving a home. We understand that your home is your haven and should be respected and safeguarded as such. We work hard to make the renovation process as pleasant and noninvasive as possible.

Our services improve the beauty, energy efficiency, and safety of your home or business with competitive pricing, quality materials, professional installation, and a strong commitment to honesty and integrity. We approach every project with the desire to earn your confidence and build a lasting relationship. We are fully committed to the satisfaction of each customer we serve.

Popular Questions

If your home or business has suffered severe storm damage, our insurance specialist will diagnose the problem and prescribe the solution. To ease the process of filing and reviewing a claim, we use the same guidelines and estimating software that your insurer uses and will prepare the documentation they will need.
We will be on your side every step of the way. We conduct the inspection, meet with the insurance adjuster, and plan and oversee the job to the end.
We work with our customers to define a budget for each project, and we also have financing options available.

Our Team

Craig Perfect


When I started Allcon Roofing in 2007, I had no idea we would be where we are today. However, I did know that building and maintaining a company’s reputation requires integrity, transparency, and consistency. Sticking to these traits is tough, even in good times, and never mind during challenging times. With that said, I honestly believe that Allcon has created a culture that aligns with these principles, and I cannot recall a single occasion that contradicts the above.

Building this company from the ground up has been nothing short of a remarkable adventure. The challenges faced, the hurdles overcome, and the victories celebrated have not only shaped Allcon but have become an integral part of our identity. Allcon is not just a workplace; it’s a testament to hard work, dedication, and the collective spirit that defines all involved.

Every milestone achieved, every project completed, and every satisfied customer serves as a testament to the passion and commitment that permeates through our organization. The journey has been filled with moments of triumph and times of adversity, and through it all, the bonds forged as a team have grown stronger.

The late nights, the early mornings, the brainstorming sessions, and the shared laughter – they all contribute to the fabric of what this company means to everyone involved. It’s a symbol of resilience, a testament to the power of teamwork, and a manifestation of the belief that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

What started as a business venture has transformed into a living testament to the power of dreams and the strength of a united team.

Bradley Perfect-Kerr

Director of Operations – Commercial

Jamie Dees

Senior Project Manager – New Construction

Darrin Broda

Technical Director

Debbie Baker

New Construction, Multifamily Estimator

Nicolette Pearl

Administration & Operations Coordinator

Ashlea Arowood

Accounts Specialist

David Wellwood

Project Manager – New Construction

Wanda Bobo

Residential Sales Representative

Steven Corbin

Project Manager – Commercial

Daniel Propson

Procurement and Logistics Manager & Metal Fabrication Manager

Jim Trueman

Residential Reroof Operations Manager

Kristin Wellwood

Metal Operations Manager

Aaron Corbin

Director of Preconstruction – Commercial

Joe Spence

Commercial Estimator

Kevin Jolly

Commercial Estimator

Joey Gibbs

Commercial Estimator

Chris Anderson

Commercial Estimator

Dan Peacock

Chief Operating Officer

Give back

Allcon Roofing proudly gives back to the community by partnering with Habitat for Humanity and Homes of Hope.